Why Invest with Us?

When you invest with us, you are tapping into our entire network of commercial real estate professionals who persistently pursue value-driven improvements for our investment properties. This results in accelerated property appreciation and more significant returns on your hard-earned money.

Our network has a combined knowledge of over 50 years of investing in multifamily real estate and we know how to get to the closing table!

Selection Criteria

Investing with Gibby’s Capital is a win-win because of our extensive experience in each of these areas:

Emerging Markets
Properties with Value-add Opportunities
Rigorous & Conservative Underwriting

Cap Rate, Cash Flow & Cash on Cash

We carefully analyze each asset – scrutinizing property types, markets, comps, demographics, revitalization potential, and more.

We set very specific investing criteria, and pursue creative ways to achieve high rates of return for our investors.

With the Three C’s of Analysis in mind, we:

  • Aim for at least a 6% capitalization rate but structure the deals to acquire the best returns possible.
  • Focus on cash flow (especially for buy and hold strategies) as passive income – we can all use more of that!
  • Set our minimum expectation for cash on cash returns states 9%, though some investors settle for 7%.

Recession Proof

Multifamily continues to be a solid commercial real estate asset, even during economic downturns.

Gibby’s Capital Investments focuses on Class-B and Class-C properties, which have proven themselves throughout history to be remarkably durable.

People always need a place to live, especially during tough times.

Even those in the banking sector say multifamily has an inherent risk aversion to a market cycle as compared to other commercial real estate assets.

    16 Million, Plus

    A multifamily property is an asset with five or more publicly recognized dwellings. Here in the U.S., this equates to more than 16,500,000 buildings!

    Gibby’s Capital Investments looks to acquire its fair share of the 17 million+ multifamily renter households in this market by investing in properties of 90+ doors of Class-B and Class C properties in the United States.

    If you’re ready to establish a fresh stream of passive income, enjoy predictable appreciation, and contribute to the revitalization of a community through a multifamily investment, Join now!

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