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Absolutely! Investing in medical office spaces can provide physicians with stable rental income and long-term appreciation potential, especially given the growing demand for healthcare services.

With the rise of telemedicine, physicians may seek properties with home offices and flexible living spaces as they increasingly provide virtual consultations and remote services.

Yes, eco-friendly properties are gaining popularity among environmentally-conscious individuals, including physicians. Such properties can be attractive for their sustainability features and potential for long-term value.

Niche property investments align with a physician’s medical expertise, providing unique opportunities for growth and diversification. For instance, doctors specializing in sports medicine might invest in properties near sports facilities or gyms.

To streamline property search, investment analysis, and management processes, physicians can benefit from real estate technology advancements, such as PropTech tools and platforms.


Eric Chadderdon

Co-founder & Managing Partner
Gibby’s Capital Investments

Eric Chadderdon is one of the Founders and Managing Partners of Gibby’s Capital Investments, a real estate investment firm headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Having grown up in and around real estate in Oregon, primarily in single-family, he later saw the transition to multi-family investments being the way of the future for he and his family. Eric has two Bachelor of Science Degrees, one in Health Science and also in Business from Boise State University (Go Broncos!).

He spent over a decade in direct sales and management before making the transition to multi-family real estate. He’s made strong partnerships with other fast-moving, calculated, and successful real estate investment entrepreneurs. As head of Investor Relations, Eric provides investors strategic opportunities to diversify their portfolios with multifamily properties. He provides insights on market activity, cost segregation, bonus depreciation, property performance, and manages investor updates as well as annual K1 reports.

Brett Davenport is one of the Founders and Managing Partners with Gibby’s Capital Investments, a real estate investment firm headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Locating, analyzing, negotiating, and processing the purchase of commercial real estate properties is where you will find Brett. As Acquisitions Specialist Brett pursues existing properties for our investors that meet our specific criteria for returns, cashflow, and equity gains. Building relationships with brokers, lenders, attorneys, and partners to attain quality and consistency throughout our deals is key to his success. When our properties have gone full cycle, he then leads the disposition of each asset.

He is a leader within our network and is frequently asked to train others in the art of acquisitions and underwriting. Having appeared on multiple podcasts and speaking engagements Brett is quickly gaining traction within this space. Brett also having served active duty for ten years, now serves our nation in the Naval Reserves.

Brett Davenport

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Gibby’s Capital Investments

Meaghan Davenport

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Gibby’s Capital Investments

Defining and implementing of portfolio investment strategies is a portion of Meaghan’s role as head of our Asset Management division. Her specialty is reducing risk while driving property performance and ultimately increasing the net operating income of each asset. This results in increased profitability for our investors and partners, while creating a beautiful safe environment for their tenant base. On her first property, she was able to meet their five-year projections within the first 6 months on multiple floor plans. She oversees third-party management companies and works closely with Acquisitions and Investor Relations team leads.


She often shares her industry knowledge with newcomers to the multifamily space and has been a guest on multiple podcasts. Meaghan can also be found leading worship at her local church on the weekends and ensuring the company’s involvement with several non-profits both locally and nationwide.

Jim is the newest member of the Gibby’s Capital Team. He started by taking a solid position in a couple of Gibby’s Capital’s earliest properties as a passive investor. Jim is no stranger to MF Investing. In fact, roughly 35 years ago he made his first real estate purchase. That was the start of a portfolio of single-family houses. As the single family portfolio grew, self-management became difficult, leading to a pivot into Multi-Family properties. That was 20 years ago.  

Along the way Jim and wife Jane raised a family (including Eric Chadderdon, also on the Gibby’s Capital team). He lived a corporate life that just wrapped up in Q2 of 2022, which included relocating seven times. He earned three degrees, including an MBA from a top Business School in Chicago.

In 2020 and 2021 Jim saw the opportunity to pivot again and sold all properties in Oregon only to redeploy funds into passive MF investments in Texas with the Gibby’s Capital team.

Gibby’s Capital decided to bring Jim on board due to his extensive business background and his over 30 years of real estate experience. He focuses on business operations and works with Meaghan Davenport on her Asset Management team. He is an absolute wealth of knowledge and adds A TON of value to the Gibby’s Capital Investments team.

Jim Chadderdon

Business Operational Manager